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Tom,you may have already seen this but I thought you might be interested
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> John,
>  I think we can sum up homelessness in five
> words:1.Disgusted2.Disallussioned3.Disdane.4.Dismayed5.Displaced.
>  I am sure that people will agree that it is time to organize and bring
> togather a country that has been divided since the 60s but we do need some
> live hero,s and someone who is only out for the betterment of him self
> perhaps this could be a  b rother or sister and not for 15 minutes of
> could support a person like that and of course we must be sure that they
> not be corrupted or bought by any company......And they would need to have
> in their resume at least six months on the streets to have understand what
> life and existing is all about.
>  It was and is a very hard thing to be compassionate when somebody is
> beating on you and claiming they are helping you out,Humanitarism,Please
> need some one to respect us for what we are doing not where we have been
> who,s palm we have oiled,It seems like by the time you have a good
> for public office that wants to do right and solve problems not become
> one,its too late they have become corrupt...
>  I am really praying that we can learn from what happened to the Roman,s
> would save a vast amount of pain and future problems!!!!
>                                                  Bill
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> >
> > I am increasingly finding sociological problems with
> > the way most of these programs are being carried out
> > in the state by state, and local administering of
> > these programs, as many of them are currently being
> > challenged in the federal court system.  There for I
> > can only comfortably go back to the Community Action
> > Network and say that the programs are NOT successfull
> > as there are many missing parts.  I can comfortably
> > compare the TANF program a total success if I can ask
> > the recipient or worker that we have a brand new 1999
> > Cadalac Le-Saber for every applicant to the TANF
> > program. However all of the parts are with the
> > manufacturer in the raw state as there are no trained
> > employees to operate any of the equipment necessary to
> > do the manufacturing.  Due to the fact that all of the
> > potential employees got there GED from a 1806 high
> > school equivalancy test,  prior to the teconoligacal
> > advances of the war of 1812.   NOW WE EXPECT THEM TO
> > BE QUALIFIED TO PREFORM IN YEAR 2000.  Who are you
> > kidding that welfare to work is working.   It is
> > welfare to the hand and mouth, on the streets spare
> > changing.  We the homeless know what the facts are as
> > we can't possibly afford a place to live on this
> > planet with what minimum wage is and the real cost of
> > living is.
> > WAKE UP AMERICAN BEUROCRATS. The homeless understand
> > the problems.  We are the slaves of yesterday, that
> > are on strike today!
> >
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