Sweepless in Seattle: Mayor Schell responds

Anitra Freeman (anitra@speakeasy.org)
Sat, 9 Oct 1999 17:22:44 -0700 (PDT)

Last Thursday morning City officials learned of a very pointed statement
we were about to release to the press about the Mayor's lack of response
to our repeated demands that he guarantee no police sweeps of the
homeless during WTO and no cutback in human services to the homeless
during WTO, support an emergency tent City during WTO, and meet with us
to plan how these guarantees would be made effective.

Thursday afternoon the Mayor faxed us a letter.  He promises that there
will be no sweeps. Wednesday he is meeting with SHARE and WHEEL.  
October 21st he is meeting with the Seattle King County Coalition for
the Homeless.

A copy of the Mayor's letter is posted at the Seattle Food Not Bombs
site, http://www.scn.org/activism/foodnotbombs/reply.html

My own reaction is tyo publicly congratulate the Mayor on his promise,
and to promise him in turn that there are going to be many, many of us
on the streets of Seattle during WTO helping him to fulfill his

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