Toronto budget chief proposes concentration camps for homeless

Graeme Bacque (
Sat, 09 Oct 1999 17:09:27 -0400

I sincerely hope I'm overreacting... but what this guy is proposing frankly 
terrifies me. - graeme
Toronto Sun   -   October 9, 1999

Jakobek: Sweep homeless off streets

By BRAD HONYWILL -- City Hall Bureau

 >>>Homeless people should be swept off the the streets and placed in closed
hospitals or inflated domes in industrial areas, budget chief Tom Jakobek
said yesterday.<<<

He said it's time Toronto follows New York City's lead and gets the
homeless off the streets and puts them in places they can get the medical
and psychiatric treatment they need.

"I'm not prepared to let people continue to sleep in the streets,"
said Jakobek, who recently returned from a trip to New York City.

"It's not healthy for them. It's not the right thing."

Jakobek said he favours housing street people in closed hospitals or, like
in New York City, in inflated domes in industrial neighbourhoods. Once
there, the homeless can get cleaned up, fed and be given the treatment
they need, he said.

Jakobek said he would like to see a two-pronged attack on the problem:
Tax incentives to encourage construction of affordable housing and
specially-empowered social workers who can force the homeless off
sidewalks and into shelters.

His plan was immediately attacked by John Clarke, head of the Ontario
Coalition Against Poverty.

"It's a recipe for forcing people into de facto warehouses for human
beings," said Clarke. "It's a recipe for a massive denial of basic human
rights for people," he said.

Homeless advisory committee co-chairman Jack Layton said he'll be
reviewing Jakobek's plan.