Re: BURNABY B.C. INSTALLS 'PANHANDLING METERS'Apology for not reading completely I am human

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Thu, 7 Oct 1999 13:42:53 -0400

Dear Stephen,
 Sorry did not read this entirely only scanned it,I apologize will
definitely attempt to read a bit closer into the subjects hope you can
forgive me..
 Of course if you read my letter or note that was attached I did state that
at least no homeless person could be arrested for loitering or pan handling
as I did say it would be hard to arrest a meter??? I am most interested in
helping to stop  this abuse of the poor and working poor by politicians such
as Mayor Brown of SF anf in Toronto ,these politicians must be held
accountable,and stop flip-flopping like a fish every time you attempt to
nail them down on their stand and views on a worsening situation!!!!
 And I want to thank you for waking me up about the money not going to where
it should,have you seen any of my past writings? I am solid brother believe
me!!        Bill Tinker

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> Good Idea?
> Read the article on panhandling meters......
> The money goes to food banks and service
> providers.....
> NOT to the homeless themselves......
> If the services available were able to take care of
> the needs of homeless individuals, and they had fair
> wages, there would be no need to panhandle.....\
> Yes, many people feel that to give money would support
> alcohol/drug habits......
> An alternative to this would be vouchers that people
> could purchase....and give those to panhandlers.....
> ....These vouchers would be good for things like
> coffee, food, hygiene products, socks, etc... the
> neccesary needs to stay alive.....
> This way the "donation" gets to the hands of the
> homeless....and not filling the coffers of housed
> beuracratic service providers, whose majority of their
> budget is for administration and salaries rather than
> directly helping homeless individuals....
> Peace and Solidarity;
> Stephen "Twig" Meeks
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