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The CMS Resource Center: Study of Socially Engaged Internet Users
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Press Release:

>Craver, Mathews, Smith and Company (CMS), a marketing research and
>organization development firm serving charity and social advocacy
>organizations, has just released a substantive study of socially
>engaged Internet users. Based on focus group research combined with
>1,200 interviews of Internet users, the study "found that nearly 50
>million Americans over 18 have internet access and currently either
>give their time and/or money to such causes as poverty housing, human
>rights, civil liberties, international relief, or the environment. Of
>these, however, most have never visited the Website of a charity, and
>only 3.5 million say they have given online." The study identifies a
>"core group of 7.5 million Americans -- so-called 'Progressive
>Pace-Setters' -- that has already begun to embrace advocacy and
>charitable giving online, and another 7.3 million -- dubbed
>'Thresholders'" who are potential affiliates for such organizations.
>The study also considers the obstacles to online funding and
>development efforts, such as users's anxieties about giving out
>personal information, including financial data, over the Web or
>supporting an organization whose primary public profile is a Website.
>Finally, the study provides comprehensive demographic information for
>its subjects, including political affiliations. [DC]
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