Fw: Customized Business Profiles Available on New Census Bureau Compact Discs

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October 5, 1999
Customized Business Profiles Available on
New Census Bureau Compact Discs
  The Commerce Department's Census Bureau today released the first in a
series of eight CD-ROMs from the 1997 Economic Census that allow users to
prepare customized business-activity profiles for individual geographic
areas or industries.

  The 1997 Economic Census, Volume 1, NAICS (North American Industry
Classification System) Report, CD-ROM Series, is part of a subscription
series. The first disc contains data on selected manufacturing, mining
and service industries ranging from physicians' offices to tortilla
manufacturing in selected states, counties, places and metro areas. A
chart showing the exact contents of the disc can be found at

  The disc provides four data items for each selected industry number of
establishments, number of employees, annual payroll and output (i.e.,
shipments, sales, receipts and revenues). It comes with WindowsTM software
that enables users to view, print, extract, sort and perform simple
calculations (such as determining wages per employee) on the data sets
they choose. The software also allows users to prepare simple, customized
business profiles (e.g., tables that show how the receipts of an industry
in one state compare with those for the same industry in other states or
comparisons of employment for a number of industries in a single city.

  Users can prepare customized business profiles more easily than they can
with similar data on the Internet. Unlike the Internet, the CD-ROM
software imposes no limits on the size of files users may transfer to
their hard disk or print out. Transferring large files enables users to
perform more detailed analysis of Economic Census data, such as projecting
growth of specific industries.

  As more census information is released over the next two years, seven
additional discs will be issued on a quarterly basis. Each will contain
all the information on the previous disc, plus new data covering
additional industries, subjects, states and substate areas.

  In addition to the Volume 1 Series, the subscription series includes the
three-disc Volume 2, Special Series scheduled for release between December
1999 and late 2000. The Volume 2 CDs will include Economic Census data for
minority- and women-owned businesses. Orders for the
two-volume subscription series, which sell for $200, should be directed to
the Census Bureau's Customer Services Branch at 301-457-4100.

Editor's Note: Reports and data tables are available on the
Census Bureau's Internet homepage at <http://www.census.gov>.

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