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( Forwarder's Comment: I have my resume up on several sites and never got 
any calls from them... including the Canadian sites... I have found jobs from 
the Human Resourses Canada job bank... and I have better results from
applying to ads pushed to me from the G&M and the Southam papers, 
more and more of them have websites to refer to and e-mail adresses to 
use for resume submissions. I understand that it helps the corps that 
database one's applications / resumes.)

Issue: Employment

Online career sites are flourishing on the Internet with more than 500
career sites on the Web. These include Web-only sites like 
and Hotjobs, as well as sites like and Classified Ventures
which are supported by newspaper companies looking to expand their
lucrative print classified advertising business. Initially viewed as a new
tool for both job seekers and corporate recruiters alike, these sites are
now changing the dynamics of the employment marketplace, making it
possible for workers to draw significant attention to their resumes. These
sites are believed to be contributing to "job hopping," where workers
regularly and frequently change jobs. This concerns employers who fear the
company loyalty is a thing of the past. The U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics has been reporting a steady decline in median tenure among the
nation's workers for years. Among some types of information technology
professionals the generally accepted turnover rate hovers around 50
percent, meaning the average worker switches jobs every six months.
However, the new job-posting sites do save a lot of money for corporations
with many job openings. [SOURCE: New York Times (C5), AUTHOR: Evan I.


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