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Calendar Add-Ons and Announcements
October 4, 1999


An Information Sheet for Federal Communicators, Managers, Workers, and Their
Partners - Pass It On
See the complete calendar online at http://www.npr.gov/calendar/

All reinvention items, resources, and calendar events are for information
only and do not imply endorsement. Many conference sponsors supply free
press passes to representatives of the Federal Communicators Network who
write what they learn for publication on the FCN website at
http://www.fcn.gov <http://www.fcn.gov> . FCN members may contact Pat Wood
at (202) 694-0063 or pat.wood@npr.gov <mailto:pat.wood@npr.gov>  to request
a pass. You may join FCN on http://www.fcn.gov <http://www.fcn.gov> . Click
on "Members, " then "application form" at the bottom of the page.

*       Access America Online Magazine Celebrates First Anniversary
*       Oct. 25-27: Teams 2000: Advanced Strategies for Leading and
Expanding the Team Culture (Washington, DC)
*       Nov. 3- 4: Green Communities Train-the-Trainer Workshop
(Sheperdstown, WV)
*       Dec. 6-7: Linking Strategic Planning to Budgeting for State and
Local Government (Atlanta)

Access America Online Magazine Celebrates First Anniversary
>Access America Online Magazine (http://www.accessamerica.gov
<http://www.accessamerica.gov> ), which has a new issue every Monday,
features stories that tell >how agencies are using information technology to
deliver services to the >American people and improve government

The Vol. 2, No. 1 October 4th issue updates stories from our first issue one
year ago:

*       LOST PENSIONS -- In our first issue, we reported that the Pension
Benefit Guaranty Corporation's online pension search had located 1,400
people owed more than $4 million of pension benefits. A year later, we're
happy to report that 1,745 people who worked for 520 different employers
have been found in 45 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
Benefits for the located people totaled over $5 million and ranged from a
few dollars to more than $100,000. The average was about $4,000 per person.

*       WEB FORMS -- One year ago we reported that the General Services
Administration has put hundreds of commonly used federal forms on a one-stop
web site, WEB FORMS. These GSA forms, Standard Forms, and Optional Forms can
be viewed, filled in, printed, e-mailed or faxed directly from the Internet.
Here's the report one year later--and it's good.

*       PubSCIENCE -- This year we announce another new service developed by
the same folks at the Department of Energy who brought you "an Electronic
Bridge to the 21st century" last year. Believe it or not, researching
thousands of scientific journal articles can now be quick, easy and free
with the exciting new public search service called PubSCIENCE.

*       AMERICAN INDIAN SCHOOLS -- Last year we asked if 51,000 American
Indian children in 183 Bureau of Indian Affairs schools--many in remote
areas--could be online in time for the next century. This year we report
that on September 26, 1999, Cibecue Community School in Cibecue, Arizona,
became the 150th American Indian school to be connected to the Internet. By
spring BIA expects all schools to be online.

Send your agency's government Information Technology success stories to
pat.wood@npr.gov <mailto:pat.wood@npr.gov>  or pat.smith@gsa.gov
<mailto:pat.smith@gsa.gov> .

Oct. 25-27: Teams 2000: Advanced Strategies for Leading and Expanding the
Team Culture (Washington, DC)

Hear presentations from experts in industry, academia, and government. The
Association for Quality and Participation sponsors this conference. Member
fee: $995; non-member fee: $1165. Call (800) 733-3310, fax (513) 381-0070,
or visit http://www.aqp.org <http://www.aqp.org> .

Nov. 3- 4: Green Communities Train-the-Trainer Workshop (Sheperdstown, WV)

The Green Communities' Train-the-Trainer Workshop will be held at the
National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The
Green Communities Program brings tools and information to local communities
working on sustainability.  Community organizations and service providers
are invited to attend this highly acclaimed workshop to learn more about the
program and the Green Communities Assistance Kit. To register for the
workshop, please contact Susan McDowell by email: mcdowell.susan@epa.gov
<mailto:mcdowell.susan@epa.gov> . The Tool Kit is available online at
http://www.epa.gov/region03/greenkit <http://www.epa.gov/region03/greenkit>

Dec. 6-7: Linking Strategic Planning to Budgeting for State and Local
Government (Atlanta)

Hear winning strategies, case studies, and hard facts from the most advanced
and acclaimed state and local agencies in Texas, Virginia, Arizona, Oregon,
Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Delaware, Iowa, and
others. Fee: $1295. Call (800) 882-8684, e-mail to info@iqpc.com
<mailto:into@iqpc.com>  or visit http://www.iqpc.com <http://www.iqpc.com> .

> > Reinvention Express.
To submit reinvention stories or calendar items, contact Pat Wood, National
Partnership for Reinventing Government, 750-17th St., NW, Suite 200,
Washington, DC 20006,
(202) 694-0063;

pat.wood@npr.gov <mailto:pat.wood@npr.gov> .

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