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Sunday, October 3, 8:30 PM.
COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND -- A few hours after arriving in a
public park in College Park, Maryland, the women, men, and
children on the March of the Americas were asked by police
to leave the park. Marchers had begun their day near
Bethesda, Maryland. After walking all day in the sun they
had stopped to sleep on the park grounds on their way from
Washington DC to New York City.

After collecting in the park for a discussion late this
afternoon, the marchers were told by the police that they
could not stay for the night. As the police forced the
marchers to leave the park, the University of Maryland
campus down the street offered to let the march sleep on
their lawn for the night. All the women, men, and children
walked through the dark to the University, only to be met
again by police. The college had reneged on their offer.
Police instructed the marchers to keep walking.

The marchers do not know where they will spend the night.
Marchers had planned to continue on to Laurel, Maryland, on
Monday morning.


After a stand-off at the University Chapel, police gave the
marchers special permission to return to the original park
and sleep for the night.

The marchers declared victory, and finally at 11:00 PM,
after four hours of police harassment, they are marching
back to set up camp for the night.

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of the Americas and the Poor People's Economic Human Rights


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