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Subject: Please Post to your email lists - Free Trade Area of the Americas 
is Coming to Toronto - Events and Actions

Please circulate to your email lists.  You support in building for the
Free Trade Area of the Americas Meeting in Toronto is greatly
appreciated.  To get posters or more information call Stacey Papernick
at (416) 351-0095 x 237.


Promises Made, Promises Broken

Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) It's Coming to Toronto
October 31st - November 5th

The Hemispheric Social Alliance members in Canada, through Common
Frontiers, are coordinating the "Our Americas: Towards a Peoples; Vision
of the Hemisphere" event in Toronto set for November 1-5.  It is
scheduled to happen in parallel to the fifth Free Trade Area of the
Americas  (FTAA) Trade Ministers meeting, also being held in Toronto
from November 3 & 4th.

A local Toronto FTAA Working Group, convened by the Metro Network for
Social Justice and the Toronto and York Region Labour Council and
working with Common Frontiers, is organizing various local events to
broaden  the awareness of Torontonians about the dangers of corporate
globalization and build support for alternatives based on social and
economic justice.

The FTAA, like the FTA, NAFTA, the Multilateral Agreement of Investment
(MAI) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), is a tool of corporate
globalization which intensifies the exploitation of working and poor
people across the Americas.  As social justice and labour activists, we
are committed to exposing the corporate agenda which underlies these
trade agreements, and to fighting for alternatives to the corporate
globalization based on our vision of social and economic justice.

The Working Group is organizing educational, cultural and action events
to strengthen and broaden the diversity within the social justice
movement in Toronto.  The historic contribution of aboriginal peoples in
Toronto will be a key focus of the activities organized, as will the
organization and mobilization amongst the Latin American and Caribbean
communities.  The collective organizing will also promote and lend
support to building solidarity with the Hemispheric Social Alliance.

Here is what is going to happen:

October 30
"Peoples of the Americas Cultural Festival"
Bickford Centre (Christie and Bloor) 777 Bloor St. West
afternoon information tables for community groups, event begins early
for tickets call 441-3663 Toronto and York Region Labour Council
(tickets $5 unwaged and $8 waged)

October 31
Trick or Treaties? Rally
Nathan Phillips Square 100 Queen Street West
12- 2 p.m.
Wear your costumes to scare away the trade demons!  Music (Arlene
Mantle, Smokey George, Anne Healy, Kevin Barrett and more), Speakers on
various issues and their relation to free trade eg.  environment,
aboriginal land claims, immigration, food access, workers rights, and
many more.
There will be interactive events in the square - sponge toss your least
favorite trade minister, arts making for the Nov. 4 demo., Zapitista
theatre etc.
The event will end in a tour of local sites connected to the trade
attrocities that have occured.

November 1
Americas Civil Society Forum
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
7 p.m.

November 4th
"Welcome" the Trade Ministers to Toronto
Metro Convention Centre ( Front and John St.)
7:30 am - 9 am
Morning demonstration putting the trade ministers on trial

November 5th
Sunrise Ceremony to Celebrate Aboriginal foundations of fair trade in
the community
6:45 am meet in High Park at the Grenadier Restaurant

For more information call
Metro Network for Social Justice at (416) 351-0095 x237
Toronto and York Region Labour Council (416) 441-3663

The local FTAA Working Groups also includes:
Aboriginal Rights Movement
Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples
Common Frontiers
Low Income Families Together
Operation 2000/Polaris Institute
OPIRG - Toronto
People Against the MAI