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Text of a media release issued today by TDRC:

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

For immediate release								

October 1, 1999

Ottawa's $1.2 million handout to Toronto:
cold comfort for the homeless, says TDRC

Federal homelessness minister Claudette Bradshaw may have thought she was
doing a big favour for the homeless of Toronto, but her $1.2 million
handout amounts to cold comfort as the winter approaches, says Cathy Crowe
of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC). Minister Bradshaw
announced late yesterday the federal government would hand over $1.2
million under the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) for
about 360 hostel beds in Toronto.

"This isn't new money, but money that was supposed to be spent on RRAP
projects in other parts of the country," says Crowe. "Instead of investing
the new dollars that are needed, Ottawa is simply shuffling existing

The federal spending won't create any new hostel beds in Toronto. City
officials have confirmed that the $1.2 million will go to support hostel
beds that were being created anyway. "Federal money is replacing city money
without creating any new beds," says Crowe. TDRC estimates that the City of
Toronto needs at least 600 new hostel beds this winter to meet the growing
demand, but the federal money won't create those desperately-needed new beds.

"Homelessness is truly a national disaster and housing advocates have been
calling on Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Finance Minister Paul Martin to
bring in a national housing policy with major new funding," says Prof.
David Hulchanski of the University of Toronto, a leading housing academic.
"The federal government should be ashamed for merely reshuffling already
meagre federal dollars at a time when a major initiative is needed."

The TDRC and other members of the National Housing and Homelessness Network
(NHHN), along with a number of national and regional organization, have
urged the federal government to adopt the One Percent Solution, which calls
on Ottawa to double its spending on housing.

A major rally is planned in Toronto on Saturday, October 2nd, starting at
noon at Allan Gardens (Sherbourne and Gerrard Streets). Other events are
being organized by the NHHN in six other Canadian cities under the overall
theme of "Housing for all".

For information:
Cathy Crowe - 416-703-8482, ext. 117

David Hulchanski - 416-978-1973

Kira Heineck - 416-703-8482, ext. 411


October 2nd - Housing for all

The One Percent Solution - a national
strategy to end homelessness in Canada

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