Re: my new book; is this off-topic?

Bonnie Briggs (
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 10:46:37 PST

Hi gang,
  This may be off-topic, but I hope you'll give me a minute of your time 
anyway. I'm writing a new book, The Squat. It's the first of six books that 
I'll be writing. It is the story of a fictional squat somewhere in Toronto 
and the four homeless people who live there. If you want to read a sample of 
it, just go to
I know, why am I telling you this? It is because I have a publisher 
interested! Insomniac Press wants to see my manuscript! I have to drop off 
the manuscript, a synopsis of the story, and my bio. I'm going to do that on 
Tuesday. I'm also hoping that I can see the publisher at the same time. My 
husband will be going with me because we are collaborating on the book. Wish 
us luck.

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