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Stephem Twig Meeks,and others,
 I am glad to hear your affirmative response and your comments and input are
very welcome and I would really love to see the Government ,or states set up
Grants to homeless project of each state, to do just that buy old buildings
that need sme TLC and fix them up to be run by the homeless for the homeless
let the siuts visit once a month for say first 6 months after it opens
than,quietly allowing the houses to maintain their own directives!
Bill Tinker

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> I agree, we need to stop this in house squabbling
> amongst ourselves and get busy with our own housing.
> As far as working with State and Local governments I
> put out a word of caution. Most cities have a
> coalition and task force in place (such as Austin),
> that "provide needed advocacy and services" to the
> local homeless population. The govt's in their
> infinite wisdom would hand a project like this to
> them...
> (Remember that most service provider oriented
> coalitions use the phrase "we know what is best for
> the homeless")....
> Also, look what is going on in the Rainbow Family when
> during the early 90's people found that living in
> community and sharing all is an excellent lifestyle,
> no one goes hungry, unhoused, or "unemployed" if the
> choose to. And look at what the federal gove't did.
> Passed laws to prohibit us from gathering in the
> forests (even though we still do)....
> I say we need to get together (It's going to take a
> lot of planning and co-ordinating), and on a National
> level declare "National Squatter's Month", where
> acrosss the nation we take over abandoned buildings,
> begin fixing them up, making them livable etc
> simultaneously across the land. Yes each city, and
> municipality, has laws concerning this, but a good
> place to start is with prperties that owe several
> years back taxes and are in default (in some places by
> being able to pay the back taxes, you "own" the land).
> However it is done, we need to show the nation that
> yes, we can maintain and provide housing for
> ourselves, and not rely on those who are in the
> "business of homelessness for our own good".
> I think this is a powerful and worthy course of action
> to take; and make a statement, as well as provide a
> solution, that 100's of marches, and vigils could not
> convey.
> Let them know we are sick of being swept under the
> carpet. Let them know we are sick of inadequate
> services, that just keep us homeless so they have the
> numbers to get the dollars to line their pockets......
> I'm from the school as far as numbers......
> Q: How many people did you house last night?
> A: One more, a back pack and a dog
> Q: How many people did you feed today?
> A: As many as we could till we ran out of food.
> Q: How many people did you give jobs to today?
> A: As many chores that we had to do to maintain our
> squat and gardens.
> That is what they do not do for us.....and that is
> what needs to be done......
> How does that cliche go?
> "If you want it done right, you have to do it
> yourself.."
> Yes, it is time for us to do it ourselves, and find
> our own solutions.....taking over abandonded buildings
> is a willl give us the basic shelter we
> need to move forward......
> We can get our own food, and provide our own work.....
> We are resourceful people, used to working with
> nothing..
> Peace and Solidarity;
> Stephen "Twig" Meeks
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