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Jenny (
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 22:20:01 -0800 (PST)

At 05:30 AM 11/25/98 -0800, Bonnie wrote:
>>Hi - I am new also, was homeless in 1986
>Bonnie here...
>  My husband and I were homeless the year after you. Isn't that ironic? 
> when Expo came to our area (B.C.) -
>>I lived in an rv trailer in an RV park and many of us were evicted so 
>>sites could be rented out to tourists for high $. 
>That's what they're trying to do here in Toronto. They want to make room 
>for the 2008 Olympics. 

Hi - thanks for your reply - yes I believe it - what they are concerned with
are profits and also probably to "clean the city up" so the tourists don't
realize many poor people live in trailer parks here.  Here (Vancouver) they
also evicted many long term hotel residents, many were senior citizens and
some died because they didn't want to leave their homes (had been there 30
yrs. or more) and couldn't adapt to the change (some ended up in hostels and
old age homes).  Some old age homes are basically warehouses for the
elderly, I used to work in them (for minimum wage).

>  I put my trailer in
>>storage and with the rest of my rent money bought a $99 bus ticket to
>>Toronto, Ontario as I used to live there and thought people would help 
>>I stayed at different friends for 1 or 2 nights but no one wanted me 
>>for long as they worked and I had a 9 month old baby with me who cried
>>sometimes.  I ended up in a shelter (Robertson House) which was really 
>>horrible experience - the staff were sarcastic and ridiculed the 
>>and the food was terrible. I hear you, man. I was at Robertson twice. 
>It is the worst women's hostel in the city, I put right up there with 
>Seaton House, which is the worst men's hostel in the city. The second 
>time I stayed there, I was deathly sick and I lost a new sweatshirt 
>while I was in there. Were you in the main building or in the overflow? 

Think I was in the main building - don't even remember them having another
building in '86.  I shared a room with 5 other women, some had 3 or 4 kids
including babies who cried on and off all night.  I was exhausted and got
really sick when I was there - think it was some kind of food poisoning; and
phoned everyone I knew, found someone who let me stay at their house a
couple of nights and then borrowed some money for a bus ticket back to Alberta.
>I borrowed money from a friend and went out to
>>Calgary Alberta where I slept in a van in a friend's yard.  
>We slept one night in a friend's car, just about froze our tails off in 
>the process. 
>>I am now a single mother of 2 girls and have 2 union jobs now but have 
>had a
>>hard time of it financially for most of the 13 yrs. I have been a 
>>parent. Seems no matter what we do there is never enough $ to pay all 
>the bills.
>We are now off the streets, but still in poverty. But we are gradually 
>working our way off Welfare. Glad to hear things are going better for 
>you. Good luck in the future. 

Thanks for the encouragement - good luck to yous too!  Still love Toronto,
its a great city!