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From: (Institute for Alternative Journalism)
Subject: job opening at News Watch Project
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 16:50:00 -0800
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Judy Gerber
Assistant Director
News Watch Project

Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism, SFSU Journalism
Job # 5325.89

The Center seeks a motivated, self-starting, half-time computer assistant to
the New Watch Project. News Watch researches and analyzes news media
coverage of communities of color and gays and lesbians and advocates for
fair, balanced and non-stereotypical coverage of these communities.

Qualifications: Candidates must possess a strong commitment to diversity in
the news media; demonstrated ability to work with multicultural and gay and
lesbian communities; strong computer (Macintosh and Internet) skills,
including experience in setting up and maintaining Web sites and other
electronic information formats; good design skills; strong information
architecture (organization of on-line content) skills; and strong
communication skills. Familiarity with Photoshop (print and on-line
applications), Filemaker Pro, BBEdit; and experience maintaining a large Web
site desirable.

* Maintain a Web server and other electronic information sources, including
developing the information architecture of the system. Administer a web site
 remotely via ftp.
* Maintain electronic information clearinghouse using Filemaker Pro
databases both  across appletalk network and across the web through CGI
* Input information into the clearinghouse in a creative, accessible and
accurate  manner, including attractive design system.
* Run a small Macintosh network. Troubleshoot network and printing problems.
* Provide technical assistance to project director as needed.

Salary: $1372 per month plus benefits, 20 hours per week.
Projected Job Start Date: 1/4/99
Application Deadline Date: 11/23/98

Candidates must submit a letter of application describing their
qualifications, resume and three letters of recommendation. Send materials
to Human Resources Department, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway
Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132. All correspondence should include the job
number (5325.89) and the candidate social security number and must be
received by the Human Resources Department by 5 p.m.
November 23. Do not send applications directly to News Watch.

For information, contact Judy Gerber, Assistant Director, News Watch
Project, or (415) 398-8224. (Finalists may be asked to
submit sample of their computer work.)

SFSU ensures diversity in its hiring and does not discriminate on the basis
of race, color, national origin, religion, marital status, sex, sexual
orientation or disability in compliance with Title IX, Sections 503 and 504
of the Rehabilitation Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and other
federal and state non-discrimination regulations. We encourage the filing of
applications by both sexes, ethnic minorities, Vietnam-era veterans and
persons with disabilities. SFSU hires only individuals lawfully authorized
to work in the United States per the Immigration Reform and Control Act of
1986 (IRCA).

Information Technology Consultant
Job # 5325.89

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