Need Foundation Lacks Funds

Judy Olsen (
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 19:27:03 -0800

Gee, I wonder why this reporter didn't report the real story?

Our society has so little respect for our elders that we allow them to
fend for themselves.  Ditto for homeless people.

Our society thinks it's okay for a homeless person to work 15 hours a
day for $20 and a place to live.  This MUST be against Federal and
Illinois labor laws, where is the ACLU?

Are the providers required to have a car?

I want to know how these wages and working conditions help providers get
their lives back together.  This is a typical example of how society
admires do gooders, while overlooking their slave labor practices.

For the whole damn pie,

Judy Olsen
OPEIU Local 23
Seattle, WA