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Sun, 29 Nov 1998 20:39:17 -0400

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Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 16:26:30 -0800
To: Paul_W._Griffin@bmug.org
From: ampb@global.california.com (Paul Griffin)

Dear Readers,

     I wanted to let you know about an interesting broadcast happening
in Berkeley.  On monday, November 23, two free speech advocates by the
names "birdman" and "sparrow" climbed up a tree and started up "Tree Radio
Berkeley".  They've been on the air for seven days so far and have gathered
a lot of support from the local community.  Folks from the Earth First!
collective have been doing shifts on the air and ground support folks have
been providing them with fresh batteries, food and program material.  The
neighbors on Hillegass Avenue have also been part of the ground support
team along with homeless people and free speech supporters.  Tree Radio
Berkeley was started up to alert people to the fact that the FCC has been
violating our freedom of speech by shutting down micro-power radio stations
all over america.  TRB is demanding that Free Radio Berkeley be allowed
back on the air and the oppression of micro-power radio be stopped.  they
also demand that the FCC approve the National Lawyers Guild Center for
Democratic Communications proposal for creating a non-commercial low power
radio service.  The following is the original press release for TRB...


For Immediate Release-November 22, 1998Contact: 510-587-3388

"Tree Radio Berkeley" Plans Tree-top Radio Protest

Microradio activists plan a marathon broadcast from the treetops on Monday,
November 23 to protest recent FCC raids on micropower stations across the
country and to demand a public forum with the FCC to urge them to
adequately license micropower radio stations.

The activists will broadcast non-stop atop a tree in Central Berkeley to
demand an end to the string of micropower radio station closures and
harassment by FCC officials. The activists believe that the proposals for
licensing some forms of low-power radio currently in front of the FCC do
not address the needs of communities-they are commercially oriented and do
not allow sufficient power to be able to broadcast to a community.

The action is occurring right now at Willard Park on Derby Street, one
block east of Telegraph. The activists are broadcasting at 104.1 FM

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