Re: economic eviction

Bonnie Briggs (
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 10:32:46 PST

Drums in the park. 
Hi gang, 
  I know how Curtis feels. I too have a similar problem. My rent is 
$30.00 over what I get on my cheque. As a result, my whole cheque goes 
for rent. I have periodic battles with Welfare, ( I have to go see them 
on Dec. 2/98 around this same issue), about this. They are constantly 
pressuring me to move. But, with what they give us as a shelter 
allowance, (I believe it is $325.00/month), you can't even get a room. 
Besides, there's nothing out there. I'm always on the edge of eviction. 
If I'm evicted, I have nowhere to go. I would be alone this time because 
my husband has his own place. He would not be able to take me in because 
he only has a very small place. 
  I hope somone can help Curtis. If he were here in Toronto, I could get 
OCAP to help. Is there not an anti-poverty group in New York similar to 
OCAP that could help? We cannot allow them to put another person on the 
street. Can anyone help those cats? They should not have to pay the 
ultimate price just to satisfy the State. Please keep me posted. 

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