Re: Separate facilities

Unca Jones (best-smith@TRIAX.COM)
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 10:10:12 -0800

The basis for this decision is probably security, however, it creates
situations where families must be broken up in order to receive services
and that is wrong. A proper approach (in my mind) would be facilities
that allow for three types of shelter; single men, women and children,
families where both parents are present. It must be understood that
several types of conditions among homeless have to be addressed. None of
this is cast in stone ( there are always exceptions) but often problems
associated with homelessness are as follows:
1. Single males; substance abuse is high in this group (no pun
intended). Until therapies can be actualized it could pose problems
having interaction with children and women.
2. Women and children; often abusive situations have forced this group
into shelters. Interactions with males with undiagnosed conditions may
contribute to fears.
3. Whole families; it's really a shame that not enough is being done to
help this group. Maintaining the family is key to child development.

     This being said, social interaction between groups must also be
considered as healthy and stabilizing. Sessions where each can hear the
fears and concerns of others (groups) allow all to recognize outside the
self and realize change within may need addressing.
     Yes, this system must be changed, with more emphasis on individual
need rather than treating in fixed, antiquated methods.