Thanks for the feedback !

Curtis Seyfried (
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 07:22:55 -0500 (EST)

Thank you all for your responses and sugestions. I would like the e-mail
adress of the Rainbow Family list and the Food Not Bombs e-mail listserv's.
 I will contact Blackout books, thanks.

The greens sound like a good contact also, thank's for forwarding my post
to Gary.

I have been fighting the eviction for a year now. First by allowing my
landlord to take me to court for the back rent and countering with his
refusal to do repairs. I won 50/50 on that as he lost 50% of that rent, but
after the judgement he refused to accept the future rent. Public assistance
refused to pay my 50% of that judgement, which is the actual eviction
amount now, $2,480. But, I then owe him an additional $2,340 on the rent
since the original judgemet, so there is no way to stop the eviction as I'd
have to come up with about $4,820 to stay here.
Since welfare only pays $215 of my $592 rent I can not afford the future
rent anyway. This is the root of the problem, if they paid the actual rent
it would have been OK.
I can't go back to work just yet as I'm finally able, through Medicaid, to
get the treatment for my depression and anxiety, that I should have gotten
decades ago, but could never afford. Also I need for Medicaid to pay for a
CPAP respirator for my sleep apnea, it has been approved but will take 3
months to be processed.
I do have a place to sleep, eat, and shower, but this is only temporary. It
is with a Friend, friend, in my Quaker meeting, and I can keep my kitten
Chipper. My 2 oldest cats 18 & 12, are too old to find homes for and have
some medical problems. So to reduce their trauma I will put them to sleep,
they just could not go through the seperation anxiety.
I have never thought of imegrating to Australia, but my mother is from AU.
she came to the US to marry my father after WWII.
I do have a possibility of work and a living situation in Upstate NY at a
Quaker retreat center in Old Chatham, NY. I have interviewed as a cook, and
it might come through sometime after the new year. I just have to have
faith that my Higher Power has a plan for me that I am not yet aware of.

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