Re: Hello Fellow Workers!

Tom Boland (
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 04:30:09 -0400

Judy, thank you for your Intro post.  It's good to hear new voices.

(It's also ok to just read posts.  Some mewcomers like to test the waters
before plunging into the discourse.)

>My biggest dream is to permanently move to the Netherlands, because the
>Dutch are the most tolerant people in the world.  Their government not
>only LISTENS to the people, but within a very short amount of time ACTS
>on what they've heard. And...they act intelligently!

Could you give us examples of how the Dutch government hears and heeds
workers and the poor and homeless?  Is there a "Dutch model" for economic
and political equity?  Is it replicable elsewhere? In Canada or the USA?
Where you live?

Would a Union for homeless, underpaid, underemployed people help us?
Certainly this has been tried, by the International Workers of the World
(IWW), the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil, and by the National Union
of the Homeless in the United States.  Have groups such as these gained
wealth, safety and liberty for their socially excluded members?

>I look forward to meeting the rest of you on this list.  I hope we can
>have some rousing discussions.

Given the mix of progressives, anarchists, liberals, moderates,
conservatives and libertarians on list (from a half dozen nations, llast
time I counted), I'm sure you'll get some "rousing" discussions on

Remarkably for an uncensored list, we have very little name-calling and
personal attacks.  Most often when people dispute here, we do so in a
respectful tone, with a focus on theory and evidence about which practices
work or don't.

With all of sharing the experience of having been homeless, I think we also
find a lot on which to _agree_.  Some of us even sometimes collaborate and
take _action_ together.

Again, thanks for writing, Judy.

No nonviolence, no justice.  -- Tom
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