Intro from a newly homeless in NYC

Curtis Seyfried (
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 20:19:33 -0500 (EST)

Hello to all,

I will become homeless on Dec. 4, 1998, when I get evicted from my
apartment. The reasons are as follows.  In late 1997 I had a crises with my
major depressive and anxiety disorders. I have been ill with these diseases
for most of my life but formerly able to deal with, well maybe avoid
dealing with, the illness by just puching on with my life.
This crises put me in the hospital for the first time and then on Public
Assistance, Welfare, in NYC.  Welfare does not pay my full $600 rent, to
live in a working class SLUM, not in an exclusive neighborhood, in NYC.
This has finally culminated with my eviction next week.
I was able to get some of my most important belonging into storage, but
will lose most of my stuff, will have to find a home for one of my three
cats and put the other two older cats to sleep for their sake and to reduce
trauma to them, they are 12 & 18 and finding homes has been impossible.
I do have the ability to occaisionally sleep in friend's livingrooms and to
shower, and eat, but this is limited to about once a week. The rest of the
time I will be utilizing the NYC shelter and soup kitchen system.

I am a Quaker, a member of the Brooklyn Monthly Meeting of the Religious
Society of Friends for 6 years now. I have been involved with their Peace &
Social Action Committee for 5 years and am the meeting liason for the
Friends Committee on National Legislation. I also cook for my meetings
monthly "community Dinner" which we prepare on the Last Sunday of each
month for ANYONE who wishes to come and get a good meal. We serve
restaurant style.

In the "Welcome" post sent to me by HPN reference was made to my original
message containing addresses for "New Civ". I have been a member of "New
Civ" , which is in Ventura, CA., hosted by Leon Vickman, for about 10
years. I do not know if this is the same org, as I've seen a few "New
Civ's" on the net.  This one started out as an M2M about 20 years ago when
it finally went into an action phase and Inc'ed.

Academically my areas of interest are food waste composting, environmental,
health, welfare reform and welfare rights issues.

Peace and Good Health, (;->)
Curtis Seyfried	CS Enterprises     POB. 110675
   			Brooklyn, NY. 11211	(718) 599-2458
B.Sc. - Environmental & Life Sciences,  1992,  SUNY Empire State College
MA. - Environmental  Policy Studies and Analysis - SNYESC, 1996
Diplomas - New York University  --  
		Paralegal Studies, 1995 
		Building Construction Project Management, 1988.
Consultant,   Researcher   and   Educator  --   
Science, Technology, Legal  &  Alternative Medical Research.  Waste
Reduction Studies  &  Audits. 
Working to promote local economic growth through the formation of
cooperative businesses, 
revolving around food waste composting, local/regional high value
agriculture, and cooperative marketing. Waste-to-fertilizer-to-food-to jobs.
A quote from John Warren - "You never know when, where, how, or under
what circumstances, you will see something, hear something, read
something, experience something, or meet someone who will change your
life forever.  Look for those experiences in 1998!"
"Technology is of no use to us if it is used without respect for the earth
 and its processes." -- Aldo Leopold