Imp. Info. on HEPATITIS C

Niaua (
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 13:47:31 +0000

Warm Greetings Sisters & Brothers:

There is a good article in the LA Times concerning Hepatitis C:

"Wake-Up Call Is Sounded on Hepatitis C"-

"....believed to infect more than 4 times as many Americans as the HIV
virus...spread primarily through injection drug use....90% of the
estimated 4 million americans with the virus don't know they have it..
..can be acquired through a onetime experience with injection
drugs....also infected many thousands of transfusion recipients before
July 1992....symptoms can appear 20 years or more after infection....up
to 85% of those who are infected go on to develop chronic infections and
can transmit the disease to others....many victims are relatively young
people who, years ago, experimented with injection drugs....she was
infected 13 years ago when she occasionally used methamphetamine...."

Take good care of yourselves, and others.

In Solidarity -

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