Re: Query revisted

Tom Boland (
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 00:56:35 -0400

>I have a big problem with authority. Coming from an
>abusive childhood, a few years of jail as a juvenile, I tasted the
>streets early and the consequences as well. Fresh into the Vietnam
>draft, I dodged rather than serve the death machine (four years hiding
>from the feds) followed by six more years trying to uncrazy the paranoia
>of the sound of wingtip shoes and unchromed wheels.

Welcome home, my brother.  Just as those who were drafted and who
volunteered deserve a welcome back from that bloody tragedy, so do all who
suffer trauma anywhere, and all who refused the Vietman draft.

Let the healing begin (or if we're lucky, continue)....for everyone.

No muzzles.  No chains.  No law but love. -- Tom
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