Query revisted

Unca Jones (best-smith@TRIAX.COM)
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 21:20:49 -0800

My oft penchant for diatribe - otherwise not engaging my brain before
putting my mouth in gear - led me to realize clarification is needed
concerning a project I have in mind that needs ALL of YOUR input as to
WHAT is needed in the way service organizations are currently run. What
works, what doesn't work. Instead of religion with a daily meal would
business and motivational speakers be more appreciated (During meals,
not before), free distribution of grant and money sources as well as
training seminars? If so, what occupations, trainings should be
     Pardon me if I float an idea or two. All indications point to more
and more business being done on-line. What if there were computer labs
set up to train and provide business software with the aim of
establishing and developing home businesses - subsidy could even install
phone lines in individual (singles) facilities (sometimes referred to as
flophouses. I know, I've been there). I also know of the problems with
being on the street, like modicums of civility the upper crust take for
granted: a washer and dryer on site, a shower. Training could be
provided over a standard two month period followed by instruction on
self contracting and establishing business and advertising skills.
     I'll replay a bit of history to perhaps validate my attempts at the
homeless dilemna. I have a big problem with authority. Coming from an
abusive childhood, a few years of jail as a juvenile, I tasted the
streets early and the consequences as well. Fresh into the Vietnam
draft, I dodged rather than serve the death machine (four years hiding
from the feds) followed by six more years trying to uncrazy the paranoia
of the sound of wingtip shoes and unchromed wheels. I've called bushes
home and cockroaches friend (unless they bring ALL their friends). The
insanest thing I've ever done is bodysurf a raging waterfall (45 feet of
wild, wet wall) at spring thaw. The sanest thing I've ever done is
realize my father was wrong, the company is not your friend, it will
kill you and move on, it don't give a shit whether you go slowly bonkers
at the end of a stress string. Business (yeah, sometimes that word just
rolls off a tongue like a turd) ain't all bad. I'm just hardheaded
enough to want to change the perception of ALL the business community.
Yes, the fat boys at Disney, etc are "obviously" misguided, however,
what the government expects with the elimination of welfare - merrily
predicting business pick up the tab - introduces a responsibility that
must be met BY business (moi included). The gov isn't totally out of
giving, it's just put in more hoops. My aim is to utilize (jump through
a few of those hoops) what resources I can and expand from there.
     So, am I headed in the right direction or piss'n against the wind?