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Homeless man thought campus was haven

BY SHANE ANTHONY  Lincoln Journal Star

Brian King - homeless, heatless, hapless -
reclined atop a grate on the east side of Love
Library Tuesday afternoon, not far from where a
few bricks recently interrupted his sleep.

Seven stitches above his lip almost blended with
his dark brown mustache as he bit the filters from
half-smoked cigarettes.

On Nov. 1, King had bedded down for the evening,
fast asleep on a steam grate on the University of
Nebraska- Lincoln City Campus. About 3 a.m. bricks
hit him in the face, a foot and a leg. Campus
police are still looking for two men who threw

Until the attack, the 26-year-old said, he hadn't
had any trouble on campus. King routinely sleeps
on the grates. He said he still feels safe. Asked
if he wanted to comment on the incident, he shook
his head. "No."

UNL Police Sgt. Mylo Bushing said authorities have
little information. King told police that two men
jumped over him while he slept on the grate
between Bancroft Hall and the University Health
Center. He told the men he wanted no trouble and
they left. But after he lay back down, the men

King told police he didn't know whether he could
identify his attackers.

"We see it as definitely a senseless act," Bushing
said. "Most of these individuals are harmless, and
they're just sleeping on the heat grates at night
to keep warm."

The attack prompted about 100 students to serve
chili last week at the People's City Mission, Matt
Talbot Kitchen and Friendship Home.

UNL Police have arrested King for minor violations
- nothing serious, Bushing said.

Nebraska Union Director Daryl Swanson said King
frequents the union and the grates. He said he
often reminds him not to block areas students walk
through and not to fall asleep while reclining - a
violation of building rules. He said students also
have complained about King taking off his shoes
and once for heating spoiled chicken in the
union's microwave.

"Those kinds of things aren't awful but (are) very
annoying to students paying fees here," Swanson

He had never known King to be violent.

"We are a public place," Swanson said. "We welcome
these folks into our midst and they are welcome
except for these kinds of behaviors that annoy the
student clientele."

Anyone with information about the attack on King
may call UNL Police at 472-3555 or Crime Stoppers
at 475-3600.

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Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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