forced shelter

Bonnie Briggs (
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 11:54:49 PST

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Hi gang,
  I don't agree with forcing people into shelter at any time, not just 
on very cold nights. That takes away their freedom to decide for 
themselves. God knows, homeless people have enough people making 
decisions for them. They are told when to eat, where they can eat, what 
to eat, where and when to sleep, etc. I understand the need to give 
people warm shelter when it is cold out, But, the answer is not 
shelters, it is housing, safe, clean, affordable housing. Forcing people 
into shelters against their will is a violation of their human rights 
and goes against the premise of a free country.(if this country is truly 
free anymore.) 
  I know why some homeless people will not go to shelters. They are 
unclean, unsafe, unhealthy, and very restrictive. The rules are drawn up 
with no input or consultation with or from the homeless. Hostels are 
very arbitrary. At least, the streets offer some measure of freedom. 
When you're on the street, you are your own boss. You alone make the 
decisions which affect your life. It's hard to give that up. Homeless 
are people too. They have the right to make their own decisions. Fight 
and resist!

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