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Subject: DAMN: November 23: An Anti-Genetix Field Day For the BBB

Biotic Baking Brigade Pies Biotech CEO, UC Chancellor, and Dean

The Biotic Baking Brigade (BBB) teamed up with the anti-genetic engineering
group Hexterminators today to offer their input on two "strategic alliances=
between public universities and multinational biotechnology corporations.
Operation "Double Fudge" consisted of two phases:

Phase I, code-named "Privatize This!":  Berkeley--Shortly after an 11 A.M.
press conference discussing a "strategic alliance" at University of
California--Berkeley began, BBB Agent "Tart Classique" and Hexterminator
activist "Super Seed Woman" delivered two delicious airborne vegan pumpkin
pies to Douglas G. Watson, President and CEO of biotech giant Novartis, and
Gordon Rausser, Dean of the College of Natural Resources at UC-Berkeley.
Watson's pie hit its mark, while Rausser's pie nicked him and then found it=
resting place splattered across a university banner in the background. Both
pie-slingers were detained, and will apparently be cited and released. The
pumpkin pies symbolize the estimated 60% of food on American tables for
Thanksgiving which will contain genetically-engineered products.

Phase II, code-named "Cow Pie Special": Davis--At a campus "brown bag
lunch," BBB Agent Cow dished up a lovely banana cr=E9me pie to UC-Davis
Chancellor Larry Vanderhoof, also achieving pleasant and harmless facial
deliverance. This special treat was served as a response to the UC-Davis
"strategic alliance" with genetic-engineering pirate Monsanto, which will
result in a new biotech research facility on campus. Agent Cow disappeared
without a trace.

"We hold the University of California in flagrant contempt of its mission a=
a public interest institution by selling its facilities, services, and
students to the world's largest biotechnology and agrochemical corporations=
Novartis and Monsanto. This is completely unacceptable, especially at a tim=
when both corporations face heated international criticism for their
business practices. Novartis and Monsanto are playing with the basic
building blocks of life, as well as the food security of millions across th=
globe. These corporations continue to give us lies, so we have no choice bu=
to respond with pies. Clearly, November 23, 1998 will be remembered as a
good day to pie," said Agent Apple of the BBB.

"We targetted Chancellor Vanderhoof, UC-Davis' head bovine, so that our
message would be herd" commented Agent Cow. "He has consistently compromise=
on issues such as affirmative action, graduate student unionization,
burrowing owl habitat, and now he's welcomed the corporate pirates at
Monsanto onto campus. We speak pie to power, and send this epicurean treat
to His Honour the Chancellor with love from the BBB."

Novartis was created in 1996 in a merger between agrochemical giants
Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz, effecting the largest corporate merger ever. The
company has touched off a firestorm of debate and action in Europe regardin=
its genetically-engineered (GE) corn, which has been altered to produce its
own pesticide. Over the objections of farmers, scientists, concerned
citizens, and the European Parliament, Novartis has proceeded to sow the GE
corn, claiming it is perfectly safe. However, on October 12, 1998,
Greenpeace published evidence that the Novartis corn cross-fertilized with
adjoining fields of non-GE crops, as was widely feared. Farmers' unions and
organic associations from several countries have condemned Novartis, and th=
Confederation Paysanne of France even went so far as to break into a
warehouse and contaminate the seeds.

"Operation Double Fudge" concludes the seventh successful BBB mission,
totaling 10 powerful and unaccountable public figures who have received the
BBB's just desserts. Other recipients include Charles Hurwitz (CEO, MAXXAM
Co., parent company of Pacific Lumber), Milton Friedman (Nobel Laureate,
neoliberal economist), Robert Shapiro (CEO, Monsanto Co.), Renato Ruggiero
(Director General, World Trade Organization), Gavin Newsom (Supervisor, San
Francisco), Willie Brown (Mayor, San Francisco), and Carl Pope (Executive
Director, Sierra Club).

The BBB would like to dedicate today's field work to some of our favorite
creative/subversive types: Eric Drooker, who's artwork continues to move us
deeply; Danny Dollinger and Dan Fortsen, brilliant musicians, troubadours,
and supreme pie aficionados; and Dennis Fritzinger of the Warrior Poets
Society, a BBB supporter since day one.

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