Re: Alert

Unca Jones (best-smith@TRIAX.COM)
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 14:56:21 -0800

The Berkeley City Council decision to ban lying on sidewalks is
appalling news. Although I was born and raised in the Berkeley area I
haven't been back for thirty years, maybe now I know why. Berkeley long
had a tradition for intellectualism and compassion, Beserkley we called
it then and the name reflected the open and freewheeling lifestyle of
students at U.C..
     Maybe a lay-in could be organized in protest of this nearsighted
kneejerk law. Granted, the potential problem of homeless calling
sidewalks their domicile is likely to incur the wrath of shop owners but
passing this type of legislation is just symptomology. Here in Portland
the police make regular sweeps to destroy camps under bridges and
freeways, meanwhile programs like Baloney Joes and Northwest Pilot
Projects are shut down giving the homeless only one message, "Get out of
town." It sucks to see this type of elitist crap permeating society,
jobs are disappearing, workers expendable, big corps shower bozo ceos
with millions of OUR dollars, use us until we're sick and crazy, then
run us out of town. Shame on you Berkeley, Kerouac must be rolling in
his grave.