Re: Canada: feds plan national conference on homeless strategies

Graeme Bacque (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 03:49:53 -0500

More stalling tactics from the Feds since they are already fully aware
of not only the problems, but the solutions. With cutbacks persisting
despite a massive budget surplus, such behavior is criminally
irresponsible. How many more people have to die while these Federal
politicians and bureaucrats piss away time and money on meaningless
'national strategy' conferences? (At which they will no doubt be
lavishly dined and accomodated at public expense).

As for Mel 'Bad Boy' Lastman, the only reason he's even _talking_ about
homelessness is because groups such as OCAP and the Toronto Disaster
Relief Committee have persistently forced his hand. Just over a year
ago, he was denying the problem even existed!

Time to do the same to the Feds... stay tuned!

Tom Boland wrote:

> FWD Toronto Star [News Story] - November 24, 1998
> [caption] In Toronto alone, up to 500
> people may be sleeping outdoors
> By William Walker
> Toronto Star Ottawa Bureau Chief
> OTTAWA - The federal government is planning a national conference on homelessness to help Canadian cities develop strategies for this winter.
> Toronto Liberal MP Charles Caccia (Davenport) raised the issue in the House of Commons yesterday, noting that as winter sets in the issue of homelessness becomes ``more serious and urgent'' in cities.
> In Toronto alone, officials say up to 500 people may be sleeping outdoors each night since the city's existing 4,200 hostel beds are full. They say more than 400 new hostel beds are required this winter.
> Minister of Public Works Alfonso Gagliano, who is responsible for housing, said the government is concerned and wants to see a national strategy set out to fight the problem.
> He said the Canadian Federation of Municipalities, in concert with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), is planning a series of regional conferences on the problem that will lead to a national meeting.
> Gagliano said the CMHC will provide the necessary funding to ensure the meetings go ahead to allow city officials to discuss potential strategies.
> Prime Minister Jean Chretien has yet to respond to Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman's formal written request for a meeting on the issue.
> Lastman also asked Chretien to join him in Toronto for a tour of parts of the city where the homeless reside.
> Toronto City Council recently passed a resolution declaring homelessness ``a national disaster.''
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