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Anitra Freeman (
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 23:41:50 -0800

I just got this in the mail:

November 23, 1998


I'm a 40-something East Bay sometimes homeless sometimes not man
(currently not ). It was during one of my homeless periods circa 1993
that I
first got
acquainted with modern word-processing and the internet through the
public library system. (Spec. Sonoma State Univ Library, Berkeley
Public, and Alemeda
County Libraries. ) I eventually ended up sharing a house on 23rd Street

Oakland with, among others, an editor for the San Francisco Examiner,
writing (actually finishing the writing started at Sonoma State) and
self-publishing a book about my experiences in the disaster relief
field. Now
called "The New Disaster Relief Handbook," it was quickly embraced by
Press of Berkeley, and added to their "Good Books from Other Publishers"

list in
their Spring 95 Catalogue.
[[See: for more info.]] While not on

anybody's best seller list yet, it's gets good reviews from those in the

Thank you, public libraries.

Now, I 've recently registered the internet domain " " with
the thought
of establishing a "Homeless Poets Coffeehouse" where, say, a street poet

at a
public computer terminal in Brooklyn or Berkeley or Bombay could log on,

read "i-poetry" from a list of famous past bards and wandering
Shakespere to Woody Guthrie, or check in on the musings/rantings of
contemporary nomads and artists via a semi-automated, semi-monitored
submission and posting process. That's the initial concept, anyway.
anyone out there like to have a role in this thing? All positions open
as they say
;-)  . . . looking particularly for a volunteer webmaster who'll set up
all this
proposed semi-automation and semi-moderation, or at least teach me how
teach you to do it :-)

To see what we got so far, click this temporary working site at:

To see more about the "New Disaster Relief Handbook" go to the
website, also written by yours truly, to be found at: ( or )

To see more of my web designs try these:

Any/All interested parties your feedback appreciated; please email to:

Or write to:
 Biggs Online Publishing
 2342 Shattuck Ave. #108
 Berkeley, CA 94706

Or call John at:

Thank you !

And feel free to forward this on to anyone you want, AND remember to
check out - due online in a few days (try about Dec 1)
[end forward]

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