Toronto: TDRC seeks info, articles, officials' email addresses

Tom Boland (
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 19:21:38 -0400

[Please also report to TDRC people who are injured or die because they are
homeless in Toronto.]

FWD from TDRC's "Bob Olsen"


 To our friends across Canada....

 The Toronto Disaster Relief Committee could use your h*lp
 to get the Federal Government to restore Canada's housing


homelessness, poverty and housing in Canada

 The mayors of Canada's ten largest cities have followed the
 example of Toronto and Ottawa and have declared homelessness
 a national disaster, November 20, 1998.

 Canada is the only OECD country that does not have a national
 housing program.

 Our website has links to good documents.  Take a look.

 However, we are not able to keep up with news reports that are
 published in other parts of Canada, either about homelessness
 or about our campaign to get the Feds to take responsibility
 for housing.

 Could you send me any such published news reports or provide
 me with email addresses for Mayors or municipal councillors in
 your part of Canada, wherever that may be?  I have an email list
 of some Ontario municipalities.

 We are currently looking for news reports on:

 1. Big City Mayors' conference in Winnipeg, Nov 20 passed a
    motion and set up a committee to work on homelessness.
    We have the Toronto press reports.

 2. City of Calgary considering using mobile homes to house
    the homeless.

 3. Ottawa City Council passed a motion declaring homelessness
    a national disaster.  Possibly Nov 15-18

 4. The same motion or other related events occurring in
    Vancouver or Hamilton or other cities.

 5. There will be more news about homelessness during the winter.


 We are calling on all levels of government, federal, provincial
 and municipal, to spend one percent of their budgets on housing.

 Canadian governments in total spend less on housing than
 governments in all other OECD nations.  That's why we have
 a housing shortage and people sleeping in the streets.

 Today, municipal governments are left to care for the homeless.
 The property tax base cannot carry the load.

 See the documents linked on our website.  For example, take a
 look at the 1993 UN report card on Canada or the questions that
 the UN asked Canada on 10 June 1998.  Interesting reading for


 Bob Olsen     Toronto   (:-)

 PLEASE NOTE my new email address.  Thanks.........!!

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