Grassroots and nonprofit leadership

H. C. Covington (
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 18:33:05 -0600

>From the ACT-MAD List Serve:

Grassroots and nonprofit leadership: a guide for
          organizations in changing times_, Berit Lakey, New Society,
          Philadelphia PA, 1995.

          "Internalized oppression undermines the ability of people to
          stand up for themselves.  It also conditions people to
          attack each other within their group.  ...  Leaders may be
          the object of destructive criticism or sarcastic behind-the-
          back jokes. ...  (I)nternalized oppression ... is reflected
          in irrational fights inside our groups and inability to
          maintain strong coalitions with other groups.  We need
          assistance to rebuild our pride and ability to support each
          other and our allies   a worthy task for every social
          change group." p 16