Re: Videotape welfare seekers to discourage applying? FWD

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Sun, 22 Nov 1998 12:16:16 -0700

Dear Tom,

As a moderated forum, I have trusted that the blatantly nutty
messages would be rejected before they received distribution, and
I hope that will continue after this.

What you have passed on is obviously of old paradigm, 'us' vs.
'them' thinking, if it is indeed 'thought' at all.  There's
already a gauntlet to run of career-entrenched bureaucrats at
these locations, sometimes with personal, judgmental and
vindictive agendas.  It seems more difficult when often
mental/emotional, poverty, hygiene, health, personal energy,
self-worth and marginal hope problems prevail on one side of the
counter where help is sought.

And this, "If I don't videotape you, my neighbor will," business:
The next logical step would be to arm the small group at the door
of agreed-upon governmental services to reduce their use,
wouldn't it?  (At the abortion services door, too, or has this
already been done?)  Maybe a series could then be produced with
the videotapes, called "Bonanza--Welfare at the O.K. Corral."

Thank you,  Charles Wilson

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Date: Sunday, November 22, 1998 12:01 AM
Subject: Videotape welfare seekers to discourage applying? FWD

|What do you think of the proposal below?
|I omit the source intentionally.
|Be assured that I didn't write it.
|I think it would be constructive for us to take action which
|will lower the number of people on welfare in both electoral,
|and covert ways. While voting for those who would eliminate
|the welfare bonanza that currently exists, we could also use
|tactics that will make welfare recipients reluctant to seek
|out their freebees. A small group of persons with a video
|camera could document those who enter, and exit the
|building at the main welfare office, food stamp center, and
|the like. If asked what they are doing, they could simply state
|that they are documenting those who are seeking out benefits
|for purposes of pursuing repayment which will be forced by
|upcoming legislation. I think this could go a long way in
|reducing welfare dollar output. What do you think?
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