Videotape welfare seekers to discourage applying? FWD

Tom Boland (
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 02:00:27 -0400

What do you think of the proposal below?

I omit the source intentionally.
Be assured that I didn't write it.


I think it would be constructive for us to take action which
will lower the number of people on welfare in both electoral,
and covert ways. While voting for those who would eliminate
the welfare bonanza that currently exists, we could also use
tactics that will make welfare recipients reluctant to seek
out their freebees. A small group of persons with a video
camera could document those who enter, and exit the
building at the main welfare office, food stamp center, and
the like. If asked what they are doing, they could simply state
that they are documenting those who are seeking out benefits
for purposes of pursuing repayment which will be forced by
upcoming legislation. I think this could go a long way in
reducing welfare dollar output. What do you think?

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