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Sat, 21 Nov 1998 17:37:08 -0500

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From: Cathy Crowe <crowe@pop.web.net>
Subject: Big city mayors

Two huge successes yesterday.

I'm excited to report that the Big City Mayors endorsed the
Declaration of Disaster yesterday at their meeting in Winnipeg.
Jack Layton took this there on our behalf and obviously did a
great job!

Secondly, at the Homeless Advisory Committee yesterday a number
of us expressed concern about the gap for people when the Fort
York Armoury puts people out at 7 am.  The committee asked staff
to approach the Army to find out if morning hours can be extended.
Elaine Smyer advised Alison Kemper yesterday afternoon that they
have agreed. I don't know the exact time, but this is very helpful
for people.

We also learned that the 5 emergency sites coming on board will
be run by community agencies, have daytime access, and will be
staffed.  Again, this is good news. 


"Health cannot exist in the absence of justice"

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