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Fri, 20 Nov 1998 18:30:59 -0600

Dear Tom:

We have a full package to get you here and if you will be a presenter, a
full scholorship for all expenses.  Please let me know if you will come.  I
do not know what else to do!  I have a place for HPN on the program and a
place for an advocate in the Learning Tracks.  Please let me know if you
are getting our email privateky or on HPN................ ASAP -- OK?

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From: H. C. Covington <ach1@sprynet.com>
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Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 3:14 AM
December 8-11, 1998

 Dear Tom, Can you come??

H. C. Sonny Covington  @  I CAN America
Chair - Louisiana Institute on Homelessness & Housing
125 S. Buchanan Street - Lafayette, LA  70501
(318) 235-7005  Fax 318-235-7602
Toll Free 1-877-734-4664

December 8 - 11, 1998  Lafayette, Louisiana
(see scholarship information for formerly homeless persons working in
agencies below)

PRE-REGISTRATION FORM Please complete a separate form for each attendee.
This form may be reproduced.








WEB SITE: ___________________________________________

Yes! I am interested in becoming a member of a local homeless and housing

What is your current position? (Circle all that apply)

board of directors member
             government agency staff

            executive director

            housing/homeless director

            housing/homeless staff

            other housing/homeless staff
             former homeless individual

             unemployed - need job!

Which best describes your organization? (Circle all that apply)

nonprofit corporation
             for profit business
             government agency

housing development & construction
             group home

            community service org.
             technical assistance or grant writer

            intermediary organization
             case management

            coalition/advocacy org.
             health care or clinic

            government agency
             mental health

            homeless shelter
             homeless education

            homeless day shelter
             homeless children

            transitional housing
             affordable housing

            faith based group
             other (specify)

What is your organizationís service area?

local (city/town/parish/county)

            statewide or multi-county

               other ___________________________

TRACT Class Preferences:

TRACT I - Outcomes "Show Me the Money!"
             TRACT V - Organizing, NIMBY, Advocacy and Policy

            TRACT II - Using Technology to End Homelessness
             Tract VI Executive Directors - Surviving the Journey

            TRACT III - The Challenge Providing Affordable Housing
             Faith Based Organizations - New Partners with Government

            TRACT IV - The Path of Promise Transitional Life Model
             Homeless Provider Certificate Program

Check events you plan to attend:

TUESDAY ________ Lunch _________ Dinner

WEDNESDAY _______ Breakfast ________ Lunch _________ Dinner

THURSDAY _______ Breakfast ________ Lunch __________ Dinner

FRIDAY _______ Breakfast ________ Lunch

Yes! I want 12 hours of CEU credits for the Tract I attend $15.00

Yes! I want a set of audio tapes for the sessions I attend $25.00

I require vegetarian meals or a special diet for the Institute

I require special accommodations (specify)
I would like my name and contact information shared with other attendees
who are looking for hotel roommates. (All conference participants are
responsible for booking their own rooms. Special conference rates at the
Hotel Acadiana and Lafayette Hilton and Towers are available until November


Please check the applicable registration fee. Early bird registration
(Postmarked by December 2)

Nonprofit/government $ 150.00

For-Profit $ 250.00

Late or Walk-in Registration ( Dec. 8, 1998)

Nonprofit/government $ 175.00

For-Profit $ 275.00



A check or money order is attached
             A Purchase Order is attached
             Charge my credit card

Mastercard No. _____________________________________ Expiration Date:

Visa No. _____________________________________ Expiration Date:

American Express No. _____________________________________ Expiration Date:

Name printed as it appears on card:

Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date:

questions? call 1-318-235-7005 or toll free 1-877-734-4664



Name & Agency

Complete the following if you are applying for an institute scholarship.
Scholarship applications must be postmarked on or before December 2, 1998.

what percent of your organizationís clients are rural? _______________
             what percent of your board of directors are low-income?

            what percent of your organizationís clients are low-income?
             what percent of the population in your area is minority?

            what percent of your organizationís clients are minority?
             what percent of your board of directors are minority?

What are your organizationís funding sources? (Check all that apply)

federal funds

            state funds

            municipal/parish funds

            foundation grants/loans

            program earnings

            other ______________________

Are others in your organization applying for scholarships? o Yes o No (If
YES, please list below)



NAME Title



NAME Title

What is your organizationís mission? (Attach additional paper if necessary)





How will your attendance at this conference help you personally? Attach a
separate page with no more than a two-paragraph description





Homeless Coalition Submitting Application:

______________________________________________ Telephone

By: ______________________________________________ Date:

NOTE: If possible please fax your scholarship application and registration
1-318-235-7602 to be sure we receive it as soon as possible.



A block of 300 rooms has been set aside at the Hotel Acadiana, 1801 W.
Pinhook Rd, Lafayette, LA (The host hotel) at a special flat rate of $59.00
per night for conference participants. You must make your reservation
directly with the hotel by calling 1-800-826-8386 prior to November 23 to
ensure these special rates. Please be sure you tell them you are with The
Institute Group #343.

Overflow Hotel (1/4 mile away)

A block of 100 rooms has been set aside at the Lafayette Hilton and Towers,
1521 W. Pinhook Rd, Lafayette, LA at a special flat rate of $59.00 rate for
conference participants. You must make your reservation directly with the
hotel by calling 1-800-445-8667 prior to November 23 to ensure these
special rates.

Additional Hotels connected to the Institute:

Comfort Inn 1 800-800-8752 1421 S.E. Evangeline Thruway, Lafayette, LA @
flat rate: $52.00

Holiday Inn Express 1 888-234-1143 2503 S. E. Evangeline Thruway,
Lafayette, LA @ flat rate: $54.00


Travel Machine in Lafayette has been appointed as the official travel
agency of the Louisiana Institute on Homelessness and Housing. Conference
attendees can obtain assistance and airfare discount information by calling
Dana Calverette directly at 1-800-683-9882. Please purchase tickets 21 days
in advance to obtain the best discounts.

CHILD CARE:   Child Care providers will be students from the Child and
Family Studies program at USL (University of Southwestern Louisiana) in
conjunction with I Can! America. Child care will be provided on site at a
rate of $15.00 a day. Please indicate your need for child care on the
registration form. The hours of service available are: Tuesday 9:30 AM Ė
9:00 P.M. -- Wednesday/Thursday 8:00 AM Ė 9:00 P.M. -- Friday 8:00 AM Ė
3:00 P.M.

CANCELLATION POLICY:    Cancellations must be in writing. Cancellations
postmarked on or before November 24 will receive a full refund.
Cancellations postmarked after November 24 will be assessed a $25
processing fee. Cancellations after December 7 are not refundable. NOTE:
Registration fees may be transferred to another individual from the same

EXHIBIT HALL:  Booth and Display Table space is available for organizations
and vendors at the institute site. 8 x 10 Booths and tables 72" by 36" OR
72" by 18" are available on site. If you wish to rent a special lighted
display setup, call Toucheí Printing directly at (318) 234-8746 to make
rental arrangements. Exhibitors fees are $150.00/day. Space is limited and
is available on a first-come, first serve basis. Call John Broussard at
318-235-7130 for an exhibitor registration packet.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM:      Scholarship funds are available to former
homeless individuals and representatives of community based organizations
who would otherwise be unable to attend the Institute. To apply, call H. C.
Covington at 1-877-REGION IV for more information. Scholarship applications
must be received on or before December 2, 1998 .

CEU CREDITS:   12 hours of CEU Credits are available through USL Community
Education Program. Please indicate your desire for these credits on the
registration form so we can provide proper documentation.


The Louisiana Institute on Homelessness and Housing will present a series
of tracks of learning during its four day session. Each track will address
a specific aspect of ending homelessness and/or address the local
development of needed affordable housing. Learning objectives shall

Track 1. Focus on the Destination: "Outcome Management" & "Show Me the

    a..  Become knowledgeable in Outcomes Planning for results
    b..  Develop Outcome measurement techniques
    c..  Develop specific outcomes measurement for your agency
    d..  Be given specific private and public sources of funding for 1999
    e.. Learn to draft specific language that applies strategies to the
funders need
    f.. Learn to apply "Outcome Funding" and a new budget for the
Track 2. Tools for the Journey: Technology to End Homelessness.

    a.. Begin to understand how the undercounting of homeless has cost
communities thousands of dollars in relief services.
    b.. Problems in the 2000 census and what you can do about it in your
    c.. Learn how a homeless registry will meet more needs at less cost.
    d.. Discuss how to select a local, regional or state Agency Referral
    e.. Inspect several nationally ranked and HUD approved Computer
Software systems to help end homelessness "as we know it."
Track 3. The Light in the Window: The Challenge of Affordable Housing.

    a.. Evaluating and Planning for the local housing market.
    b.. Establish a new business plan to include "housing" without losing
your original agency mission.
    c.. Develop a staff and local partnership plan to develop and build
    d.. Develop financial and pro-forma statements for long term funding.
    e.. Prepare private or government sponsored loan applications.
    f.. Obtain a list of technical advisors to non profits to help at no
    g.. Meet Bankers, funders, and foundations to help develop housing.
    h.. Establish a Housing Management Company to operate housing
Track 4. The Path of Great Promise: The Transitional Life Model

    a.. Care Management or No Care Management - That is the question
    b.. Learn the most clear definitions and applications of Care
Management that have proven successful in restoring the homeless to long
term stability.
    c.. Gather the tools and techniques to achieve life restoration with
    d.. Engage the homeless and formerly homeless in Care Management.
    e.. Evaluate a Care Management training program for staff members
    f.. Engage in a "Life Boat" experience of role playing that you can use
in your agency to help members or to debrief staff.
Track 5. Showing People the Path: Advocacy, Organizing, Education, NIMBY,
Outreach and Local Policy Making.

    a.. Apply basic principles of effective community organizing around
activities and programs of agencies with others in the community.
    b.. Know exactly which level of government are responsible for
developing and managing homeless programs.
    c.. How/where/when to advocate or educate on the local and state level.
    d.. Develop strategies for local governments when making policy
    e.. Establish added communication among local organizations.
    f.. Develop Public Service Announcements and Media materials.
    g.. Learn how to advertise and market your own non profit organization.
    h.. Develop a NIMBY campaign to train others to prepare to win the
December 8 - 11, 1998 @ Lafayette, Louisiana