Re: Housing homeless people far cheaper than hospitals & jails,banker says

rosaphil (
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 12:37:39 -0500 (EST)

i live in supported housing. i take my meds by choice. i get help with
cleaning and cleaning supplies so that one day i will be able to take care
of an apartment of my own and not let it go such that i get evicted.

we are different from noymals. it is easier to stay clean and sober while
on meds than otherwise.

a drugs-allowed residence would not be someplace i would like to live.

i think that ssi should get together with fha an allow people on ssi to
apply jointly for loans to buy small houses in teh countryside and apply
their mortgage payments like rent (to count as a medicaid spend-down and
also to receive the level-2 spending allowances directly to manage such a

supportive housing is not cheap. the social service orgs have to put in a
whole lotta labour doing tons of paperwork (most of which they make up,
kinda) and document that they do a lot for us (more so than actually, but
always welcome)....and the state and federales do pay a large subsidy to
the nonprofits to each and every of us the non-profit takes care of.

we also tend to get taken advantage of. people moving in on us or exorting
us or pushing on our generosity. level-2 protects us.

there are some residential programs that don't insist on aking medss.

but, medicaid subsidizes all such housing, as does ssa/ssdi. if you don't
need meds, you risk a continuing disability review. if you are not in
therapy you risk being labelled no longer disabled and thrown offa ssdi.

and if substance abuse is your chief disabling circumstance, you are
limited to two years max to be on ssi. so the more documentation from
professionals, the better.

i wish i could have a life not confined to my computer and close distances
in winter and resricted schedule.

and the snobby intentional communities either want all my check, or don't
want my doggie, or tell me to arrange to visit first myself without the
aid of anyone, and then will deem m y computer to be common property once
i get there. or have $10-$100k upfront buy-ins.

point well taken. anyone know of a countryside intentional community that
might have me?

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