Re: Housing homeless people far cheaper than hospitals & jails,

Tom Boland (
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 02:04:04 -0400

It seems that the business community has realized it can only push it's
agenda by taking a "kinder, gentler" tone than the hate-the-different
rhetoric they've been using with impunity for decades.  Such sweet-sounding
proposals may be, I fear, "facism with a friendly face".

Too many "help the homeless [to work cheap]" programs disdain lifestyle
choices _not focused_ on gaining wealth [or making others wealthy], or
which are _focused_ on economic, social and political justice.

Thanks for your comments, Graeme and Flower Child. -- Tom

>> The article below cites statistics which indicate that "supportive housing"
>> for long-term homeless people is much more cost-effective than
>> alternatives, such as mental hospitalization and jail.
>How about just housing, period - and leaving people to choose what
>supports _they_
>feel they need (or none at all if this is their wish) on a basis which is
>seperate from their housing arrangements?
>This is rapidly becoming a contentious issue...  the bundling of mandatory
>'services' - usually meaning compliance with a psychiatric treatment
>regimen - with
>provision of housing. Failure to partake of said 'services'  often leads to
>eviction nad homelessness. Where's the freedom of choice in such an
>Is this appropriate housing - or merely social control based on moral value
>judgments about people?

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