Covenant House/Casa Alianza: If we want peace, we must work for

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Casa Alianza, the Latin American branch of Covenant House,
a faith-based group, advocates worldwide on behalf of street children,
many of whom they house.  For details, go to:
Covenant House/Casa Alianza
They shoot children, don't they?

"Covenant House/Casa Alianza has two clear goals as an agency.
One is to provide direct services for the street children in the
countries where we are working. The second is to be an advocate for
the children - to raise our voices for the street children who have no
voice, and to empower the children to raise their own voices. Their
message is generally more simple and much more powerful than that
which we try to speak for them. This Human Rights and Advocacy
section will show you what we are trying to do to protect the street
children - often from those uniformed authorities who are supposed
to protect them. Be informed, and then please act. Only if we all work
together will we be able to really protect the street children. And if we
do not do anything to help, who will? If we want peace, we must work
for justice."

For current articles on Casa Alianza's work and others' efforts as well, see:

Streetkid-L Resource Page:
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