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Theodore Latham (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 14:49:33 PST

"Two More Planets" ... I like that ... GREAT conclusive statement!! Give 
this man a Pulitzer :)

-- Tedrico Latham


Homeless Action Coalition <> wrote:
>Subject: Re: Place
>Virginia, I used your poem in an info packet put together for Hunger 
>Homelessness Awarenes Week, I hope itis OK!!?  (after the fact).  Also 
>it be OK if I printed it in the next issue of 'oIkos?
>On the hierarchy of for myself, physical security comes 
>(ie. protection from the elements/shelter), but that doesn't make 
>security necessarily any more important than social belonging.  (I'm 
not the
>world's most social kinda guy.)
>On sustainability...I agree with Talmadge about ownership of capital
>resources, especially land... also production factors, however how to 
>anything differently (that works) has proven to be somewhat 
>The "whole bloomin' world" is built upon the cornerstone of ownership 
>Further, for everyone (6 billion) to have a standard of living which
>approximates that of a mid-class European would require at least TWO 
>PLANETS to provide the resources.
>At 12:20 PM 11/18/98 -0700, Virginia Sellner wrote:
>>This is an interesting discussion, but you are missing part of the 
>>entirely I believe.  The point is people need PLACE and need to feel 
>>belong -- okay -- so you start by giving them a PLACE they can be, or 
go and
>>feel a part of -- and this then can develop out into something more.  
As the
>>poem says not just a physical place, but a spriitual place, and a 
sense of
>>community.   Some of you are getting a little too intellectual, and 
>>taking into consideration that it might not even matter if a person 
has a
>>physical home, if they feel that they have a place in society, a group 
>>belong to, have a sense of community.  That comes BEFORE the land and 
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