Re: PIEing SF Mayor Brown was racis & elitist? Why or why not?

Manfred Theis (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 10:08:40 PST

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Was it racist or elitist to PIE San Francisco's black mayor Willie Brown
"on behalf of homeless people"?  Why or why not?

See related article below:
=46WD  San Francisco Examiner - Nov. 17, 1998


Rob Morse

AS SIMPLE as pie. Nothing in San Francisco is as simple as pie, even 

Ten days ago Mayor Brown was hit in the face with three pies by a group 
claiming it was "a political act" on behalf of the homeless.

Now the three members of the so-called Biotic Baking Brigade, charged 
with misdemeanors by the district attorney, have been charged with 
racism by the African American community.


Utterly ridiculous!  
Pure politics!

Let us count the whites that were pied before Willie was.  I can 
guarantee that this is a carefully orchestrated move by the dissent 
squashers. What a dis-service to activism in general! I think I'm gonna 
be sick!

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