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Thu, 19 Nov 1998 06:34:55 -0800

Virginia, I used your poem in an info packet put together for Hunger and
Homelessness Awarenes Week, I hope itis OK!!?  (after the fact).  Also Would
it be OK if I printed it in the next issue of 'oIkos?

On the hierarchy of for myself, physical security comes first
(ie. protection from the elements/shelter), but that doesn't make physical
security necessarily any more important than social belonging.  (I'm not the
world's most social kinda guy.)

On sustainability...I agree with Talmadge about ownership of capital
resources, especially land... also production factors, however how to do
anything differently (that works) has proven to be somewhat problematic.
The "whole bloomin' world" is built upon the cornerstone of ownership and

Further, for everyone (6 billion) to have a standard of living which
approximates that of a mid-class European would require at least TWO MORE
PLANETS to provide the resources.

At 12:20 PM 11/18/98 -0700, Virginia Sellner wrote:
>This is an interesting discussion, but you are missing part of the point
>entirely I believe.  The point is people need PLACE and need to feel they
>belong -- okay -- so you start by giving them a PLACE they can be, or go and
>feel a part of -- and this then can develop out into something more.  As the
>poem says not just a physical place, but a spriitual place, and a sense of
>community.   Some of you are getting a little too intellectual, and not
>taking into consideration that it might not even matter if a person has a
>physical home, if they feel that they have a place in society, a group they
>belong to, have a sense of community.  That comes BEFORE the land and the
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