Re: Restricting begging, outdoor feeding, paper vending

Theodore Latham (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 22:43:40 PST


     Restriction of outdoor feeding and begging is clearly a 
"homelessness invisibility" move, as Bruce has just elaborated on. 
However, restricting street paper vendors from spreading the word about 
what's going on in the streets from the standpoint of a homeless person 
goes far beyond "homelessness invisibility". Such a restriction would be 
full blown "awareness deprivation" for both homeless people and people 
who would choose to help the homeless based on how informed they were 
about the plight of today's homeless person. Street papers with their 
informative nature, are definately a leading motivational reading source 
for helpers of homeless people and also the best means of expression for 
those actually lving on the streets. NUFF SAID!


Tedrico Latham

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Bruce Burleson <> wrote:
>Subject: Re: Restricting begging, outdoor feeding,
> paper vending "helps" homeless?  FWD
>OK here's my take on this.  I totally DISAGREE that limits on
>panhandling, food distribution, and newspaper distribution will
>"help" homeless people.
>These are measures typically adopted by the right-wing in
>city councils, in order to scapegoat homeless people for their
>respective cities' problems.  They do everything possible to
>make homeless people less visible, and to conveniently get them
>"out of the way."  (As opposed to passing legislation that would
>address their needs, such as food, housing, health care and
>Restricting panhandling and newspaper distribution in
>particular, in my opinion, is an attack on First Amendment
>rights, and such restrictions ought to be opposed.
>Bruce Burleson
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>>Tom Boland wrote:
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>> 3,000+ posts by or via homeless & ex-homeless people:
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>> Proponents of limits on panhandling, outdoor free meal programs and
>> newspaper vending claim such restrictions aim to help "homeless 
>> Do you agree?  Why or why not?
>> What's your opinion about "who" such restrictions aim to help?

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