Re: Mandate homeless people on nonprofit boards and staff?

Theodore Latham (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 22:28:01 PST


     I totally agree with you! Any organization or faction whose sole 
mission is to aid and assist the homeless and low-income persons, should 
be comprised of an administrative and legislative body of no less than 
%50 homeless and formerly homeless staff members. The homeless staff 
members have key insight into the current urgency of the needs of the 
homeless whom the organization will assist and the formerly homeless 
persons have the ability to apply what worked for them to the methodical 
approach needed to help others who suffer from the homelessness status, 
which they themseleves were able to overcome. NUFF SAID!


Tedrico Latham

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Andrea <Anmnschmid@AOL.COM> wrote:
>Subject: Re:  Mandate homeless people on nonprofit boards and staff?
>HUD funds have long required the inclusion of homeless and formerly 
>on boards and other governing bodies of nonprofit organizations, as 
well as
>local planning councils.  Unfortunately, there has never been any 
>by HUD of this requirement.  Frankly, i believe it makes a lotta sense 
to have
>homeless and formerly homeless people on boards and staff, since we 
know best
>what the real issues are, where the service gaps are, and what it 
really takes
>to get back on your feet.

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