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FWD  Reuters - Nov 18, 1998


PARIS, Nov 18 (Reuters) - Some 150 protesters demanding
better housing occupied the headquarters of UNESCO for
several hours on Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the U.N.
organisation said.

The protesters, including some 50 children, milled about the
lobby of the sprawling building in central Paris through the
afternon and left peacefully at 6.30 p.m. (1730 GMT),
slightly delaying the offices' closing time.

The protesters, backed by a French group which supports the
homeless, said some of them had been evicted from their
rented homes, while others lived in poor conditions or in
hostels waiting for the city to let them flats.

They said they occupied the United Nations Educational
Scientific and Cultural Organisation because they wanted
France to abide by the International Convention on
Children's Rights, which says children are entitled to decent

The spokeswoman said a senior UNESCO official met a
delegation of the protesters and passed on their grievances to
the French ministry for social affairs.

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