food not bombs info
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 19:47:09 EST

Hi everybody, my name is Cowgirl. I am nineteen and I have been on and off the
streets since I was fourteen. About two weeks ago I moved in with my mother in
Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the Food
Not Bombs in New Orleans? I can't find a number or address anywhere. Also, is
there a chapter close to me in Baton Rouge. Does anyone live in my city who
would like to start a chapter with me? I have been enjoying the posts for the
last week or so that I have been on the list. This is the first time I have
ever heard about the Biotic Baking Brigade but I am really impressed by them.
Especially by the fact that they had Carl Pope as one of their recent targets.
I worked for Sierra Club/CalPIRG in San Diego and I definately agree with
their decision to pie him. May I make a suggestion to you BBBers? How about
Fred Phelps, the anti-gay "preacher" who protested against Matthew Perry at
his funeral, for your next target? I'll continue to enjoy the posts, cowgirl