Tedrico's Page Homeless Resources Links Page is Updated! (11/16)

Theodore Latham (tedrico@hotmail.com)
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 19:25:38 PST

Tedrico's Page Homeless Resources Links Page is Updated! (11/16)



Shelters -N- Soup Kitchens: In the News, Statistics Say, Charity News 
Flash, Homeless Headlines, and Can You Spare A Headline are now updated!

Tedrico's Page has newly upgraded it's Free For All Links Page and now 
invites you to repost your links. NO PORN PLEASE!! Tedrico's Page would 
also like to thank each and every one of you who "Keep Coming Back" to 
visit this web site and am equally happy to announce the restoration of 
the General Site Statistics charts!

Due to recent CGI script Forms Processing Failure the results of the 
previous Survey Sez results were lost. So, Tedrico's Page regrets that 
the responses could not be posted for your comparative viewing pleasure. 
A NEW Forms Submission Processor has been installed and once again all 
feedback and submission forms throughout the site are fully functional. 
A new survey question has been posted, and your responses are extremely 
important, due to the quite TRUTHFUL nature of the provided scenario!


Let us Salute the many Homeless Veterans scattered throughout the 
country today on Veteran's Day!!


Tedrico's Page is happy to announce its 1st online Anniversary! It's 
hard to believe that after 3 server changes, and 1 year in cyberspace, 
Tedrico's Page is still helping the homeless through a link!

(8) NEW listings have been added to the Shelters -N- Soup Kitchens 

Tedrico's Page is also proud to announce the reinstatement of the Voice 
of the Homeless Award segment. Let's congratulate Adrienne Outlaw and 
Gregory Severance, our NEW Voice of the Homeless winners! Click on their 
names to read what they have to say on homelessness!

Anitra Freeman of S.H.A.R.E. invites you all to add your empowerment 
site to "Building Home: A Button Wall of Homeless Empowerment Sites", 
located at http://www.speakeasy.org/~anitra/wall.html. If you don't have 
a 88X31 or 100X40 button for your site she'll create one for you however 
you want it!

   Join the Homeless People's Network Discussion List TODAY!

   If you've ever been homeless--or are now--here's a new list
   just for you. It spans three continents and a range of
   worldviews and backgrounds. While some posts are personal, most
   focus on news, views and solutions to homelessness. Our members
   are mainly in the USA and Canada, but also Britain, Germany,
   and Australia. Via HPN, homeless people working with activist
   groups, street newspapers and other homeless-run projects (such
   as squats, centers, shelters and housing) can share information

   To subscribe, send e-mail to listowner Tom Boland at
   <wgcp@earthlink.net>. Visit us on the web at
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