Re: Local News: WHEEL Homeless Women's Forum Nov 18, 1998

Tom Boland (
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 20:17:59 -0400

Anitra, thanks for you detailed announcement about the Homeless Women's
Forum.  --  Tom

SEATTLE, WA - WEDS NOV 18, registration 11:45 a.m., forum noon - 1:30
p.m., at Carpenters Hall, 2512 2nd Ave near Wall;  WHEEL,
Women's Housing, Equality and Enhancement League sponsors
their 4th annual HOMELESS WOMEN'S Forum 1998 "Portraits:
Healing Light", free lunch, RSVP 206-956-0334

>WHEEL (Women's Housing, Equality and Enhancement League) is a grassroots
>action group of homeless and formerly homeless women in Seattle Washington
>organizing for solutions to the specific needs and issues of homeless
>women, and the end of homelessness.....
>...The goals we are setting [for the Homeless Women's Forum] this year are:
>1) Completion of the projects begun under the Mayor's "Home for Christmas"
>2) Business matches to the Mayor's $500,000 "Home for Christmas" fund.
>3) The Women's Empowerment Center: a self-managed day program for job skill
>training, organizing, and peer support for women finding jobs and keeping
>4) Tent City 3: As long as there is not enough shelter and housing for
>everyone, we must allow people forced to sleep outside to group together
>and organize sanitary and health facilities for themselves.
>5) Storage: It is difficult to go to class or to a job or even to meals
>when you have to carry everything you own with you.  Changes in current
>programs have resulted in a net loss of storage, so the need is becoming
>increasingly critical.
>6) Really, truly, shelter for every woman: including a 24-hour emergency
>"safe center" for any woman stranded without shelter at any hour, and
>housing and shelter options for women with current alcohol and drug use or
>with behavioral difficulties.   *Everyone* deserves dignity.  Let *no one*
>be left outside.

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