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Niava, thanks for your Intro post, below.  Welcome to Homeless People's

Please tell us more about your activism, writing, music and art.  These are
key commitments for other HPN list-members, as well as for you.

As listmember Anitra says, Write On! -- Tom

>Tom (et all):
>Warm Greetings! I am a new subscriber.  If I may, I will give you a
>brief introduction of myself & some of my work:  My name is Niaua.  I am
>a mixed blood Indigenous (Native American) Woman, and a musician,
>writer, & artist.  I have been homeless more than once in the past.  I
>have been an activist against the sexual trafficking of Women & Children
>for over 6 years, have worked with the homeless, AIDS issues, needle
>exchange programs, sex workers, Etc.  I am also the Director of the
>Womens' Program for a non-profit org. called  Stop Prisoner Rape,Inc. I
>work on a one to one basis with Women prisoners who have been raped
>while incarcerated.
>There is an article on the front page of the Los Angeles Times that I
>thought you might be interested in. It can be viewed on the web at:
Sunday, November 15, 1998 - Sunday Report

Outreach workers haunt alleys and underpasses to bring aid to homeless,
prostitutes and drug users--before they're taken to hospitals on gurneys.
By JULIE MARQUIS, Times Staff Writer

>In Solidarity -

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